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When you're surrounded by a family of avid hunters it's hard for one to resist the was the experience of a young boy who has grew up to become one of the state's finest taxidermists.

Attracted to the taxidermy trade initially through his grandfather who has hunted all over the world, Zane Smith had always been fascinated by what his grandfather had done. Trekking out on his first hunting trip at the ripe age of five years old began what has become a lifelong passion. After many years of hunting with his father, grandfather, uncles and long-time family friends, Zane pursued professional training in the Art of Taxidermy.

Zane Smith Taxidermist
Zane Smith

Beginning with family and friends as clients, word spread quickly and more and more people began asking for his special creative touch touch and expertise with their hunting trophies. It soon became clear that a business was in the making.

A natural born artist, Zane's inclination toward taxidermy has been seamless. With a love of hunting and the out-of-doors, he possesses a true appreciation of nature and the wildlife within it. As a professional taxidermist, Zane zeroes in on the detail that makes his technique a real work of art. Studying animals in their natural environment is key to precisely duplicating the realistic mounts and habitats that have won the following of his many clients. Simply stated, hunters really appreciate the fine quality, precision and artistic nature of Zane's work.

Backcountry Creations is nestled at the base of the Coburg Hills of Western Oregon in the beautiful, green Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by abundant wildlife and the picturesque countryside, it is the perfect backdrop for The Art of Taxidermy where your hunting treasure will be handled with the artistic talents of a master taxidermist.

You are invited to visit the Gallery for a sampling of Backcountry Creation masterpieces. Consider having your next trophy and hunting memory preserved forever by the fine workmanship of Zane Smith of Backcountry Creations.

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